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Scudder Bay generates extremely competitive rates of return by purchasing distressed assets and turning them into attractive income producing properties. Scudder Bay’s competitive advantage lies in having both strong local market knowledge and a proven team of local professionals including contractors, electricians, plumbers, brokers, lawyers and agents that allow Scudder Bay to find a sufficient number of attractively priced properties and to renovate them and rent them out in an efficient and timely manner.

Scudder Bay Creates Value in Five Key Ways:

  • First, Right Facing Red For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful House.Scudder Bay has good deal flow in the New England area. Through an established network of banks, brokers and asset managers, Scudder Bay is able to see a constant stream of attractively priced properties.
  • Second, Scudder Bay has the capabilities to be able to buy properties that need substantial renovation. Scudder Bay is able to purchase properties that often scare off other investors. With a proven network of tradespeople and an affiliated remediation company able to handle lead paint and mold removal, Scudder Bay can purchase highly distressed properties at deep discounts.
  • Third, Scudder Bay creates significant value through the renovation process. Simply by renovating and remediating distressed properties, Scudder Bay creates significant value as is evidenced by the fact that our properties appraise for significantly more than our all-in costs.
  • Fourth, Scudder Bay handles its own property management eliminating a significant cost incurred by other hedge funds and private equity funds that operate in the same space.
  • Fifth, Scudder Bay limits its operations to the New England market which is too small to attract much attention from the larger players that are driving up prices and driving down rents in markets like Atlanta, Phoenix, Miami and Las Vegas.