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Property Management

Repairs and Maintenance • Tenant Renewal • Rent Collection • Marketing and Leasing
Eviction Management • Accounting Services • Professional Software Advantages • Management Fees

Repairs and Maintenance
Through an effective maintenance program SBPM will reduce maintenance costs, improve tenant relations and increase the value of your investment.

  • Handle all incoming tenant phone calls, complaints and maintenance requests
  • Use our in house maintenance/repair team to perform maintenance when possible
  • Coordinate with vendors to facilitate all repairs and maintenance requests when necessary
  • Establish 24/7 Emergency response line
  • Maintain a log of all tenant communication and maintenance requests
  • Handle all incoming communication from state and municipal agencies including Board of Health and Inspectional Services
  • Perform preventative maintenance
  • Perform pre and post rental inspection and provide full documentation
  • Analyze utility bills to identify possible areas of improvement

Tenant Renewal
Through active management of the renewal process SBPM will increase retention rate and reduce vacancy losses.

  • Perform market analysis to determine potential rent increases
  • Reach out to tenants 60 days prior to lease expiration with lease renewal information
  • Maximize rent increases upon renewal
  • Obtain signed lease renewal addendum

Rent Collection
Employing a 5-step proprietary and proven process SBPM will reduce delinquencies and bad debts while improving cash flow.

  • Prepare monthly invoices and send to tenants by mail with self-addressed, stamped envelopes for easy return
  • Send email notices to tenants reminding them that rent is due on the 1st of the month
  • Record receipt of all incoming rent checks and electronic payments
  • Make collection calls to tenants who have not paid by the 5th day of the month
  • Send 14-day Notice To Quit to delinquent tenants
  • Offer multiple payment methods for tenant convenience (Check, ACH withdrawal, or online credit card payment)
Marketing and Leasing
Through aggressive marketing SBPM will reduce vacancy rates and increase rental revenue.
  • Place advertisements on dozens of syndicated websites (MLS, Craigslist, and SBPM’s website)
  • Pre-screen potential tenants to ensure only qualified tenants are considered
  • Process applications, interview tenants and perform credit and background checks
  • Execute landlord approved lease and collect all deposit payments
  • Provide electronic access to all executed leases for owners and tenants through SBPM’s online portal

  • Eviction Management
    Through professional management of the eviction process SBPM will minimize the time and expense needed to evict a tenant.

    • Ensure all legal notices are served by court appointed Official
    • Initiate legal proceedings when a tenant fails to cure a Notice to Quit OR when a tenant violates conditions of their lease
    • Hire attorney at SBPM preferred rates to prosecute eviction cases as quickly and vigorously as possible
    • Oversee preparation of all documents required for court
    • Appear in court to testify when necessary

    Accounting Services
    SBPM’s experienced accounting team will provide landlords with a full set of professional books and records.

    • Review every incoming invoice and approve for payment by Landlord
    • Record all rent receipts and expense payments in a GL system
    • Create monthly financial statements, including a Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet
    • At Landlord’s option, SBPM will pay all invoices, including taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance on behalf of the Landlord, out of the Landlords bank account
    • Handle tenant Security Deposit and escrow account creation

    Professional Software Advantages

    • Provide access to an online Owner Portal which gives Landlord access to documents, payment histories and customizable reports
    • Provide access to an online Tenant Portal which gives tenants the option to submit maintenance requests, receive notices and documents, pay rent and view account history
    • Comprehensive and customizable monthly reporting on financial data and leasing information

    Management Fees
    Management fees vary based on asset class, location, and services selected. Our management fees start at 4% of gross rents. Please call for details on your portfolio’s pricing.